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For the past few years one can clearly observe the growing mode on regional and traditional products. Both the Poles themselves and visitors from abroad are happy to gorge themselves on products or dishes which names suggest that they come from regional tradition.

We offer a possibility to buy home-made food, which is based on organic products.

Our products
  • baked sourdough bread or yeast
  • lard with apple, onion, seasoned with garlic and marjoram
  • pickled cucumbers with garlic and horseradish
  • pie
  • fruit preserves
  • fruit liqueurs
Products of local producers:
  • milk
  • butter
  • curd
  • eggs
  • meat
  • honey
Farm-tourism “Nad Jeziorem” specialties include:

tomato soup, duck blood, dumplings, stuffed cabbage in white sauce or tomato sauce, beef stew with mushroom sauce, marinated and braised pork, yeast-cake with fruit, crumble.

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